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Friday, December 12, 2014

The best laid plan

I'm late again tonight. I had a great post planned about today and how my attempts to organize are being thwarted by some evil force in the universe (and no, I'm not being dramatic!) but the baby Buddha is sick. Temp of 102, up twice crying already, and just a sad little dude. I put him back down, and he's not crying, but he's still not asleep. So here I sit, on my sofa afraid to walk back up my creaky stairs because I don't want him to hear me. 

So what's the point of all this? It's that old phrase, "We plan, God laughs." Well everything about this day was a reminder of that. And that's basically been the theme of my life for the last ten years, maybe longer if I truly sit and think about it. I am all too familiar, yet I still need a day like today to remind me that it is out of my hands. Whether you believe in God or some other Master of the Universe (Our father, who art He-Man) or even if you believe in nothing, you need to know that you are never going to be 100% in control. You can't plan for everything. There are always going to be rainy days, stores that are out of what you need, flat tires, and babies born with genetic bonuses. 

Yes, I did just compare my son to a rainy day. Because some days with him, it pours. And today was a day when I expected to see the rain. The rest of my day was rainy. The past meetings had been rainy. But not this morning's meeting. Finally, after two years the rain started to clear. Finally I think I see the sun peeking through. And I definitely did not plan on that! 

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