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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If only they could stay little...

I used to say that I would NEVER be one of those moms who wished her child could stay little. Why was I so adamant about it? Because with the boy, he never seems to age. It takes so long to reach a milestone, and when we do, it is awesome, but he's pretty much stuck at being a toddler, and that kind of sucks. So, I swore I would NEVER utter that phrase with my children.

Never say NEVER…

I want to freeze time on all three of them! Even the boy! He's 9 now… 9-years-old! And he's safely tucked into his elementary school where he is known and loved. There aren't any bullies, or at least none that he encounters. They foster a caring environment with his class, and he is happy. And while I hate that I have been changing his diapers for 9 years, he hasn't hit puberty yet, and he's small, so that's not as bad as it's going to get. (And the though of that getting to that point I'm referring to keeps me up at night! Seriously, not sure I can handle it. Ugh.)

And don't get me started on my younger ones. The girl is 6 now. SIX! She's becoming more mature right before my eyes. The words she uses, the way she presents herself, she's turning into a big girl bordering on a young lady. She's definitely not my baby and is creeping away from being my little girl. She drives me crazy, but I'd rather take sassy little girl crazy than teenager crazy any day!

Oh, and my Buddha. I might start to cry as I type about my Buddha baby. He will forever be my Buddha baby, even when he's 30 and living in my basement because I babied him too much. He's growing up too, and I hate it! I want to squeeze him until he stops!

So I get it now. I get wanting to freeze time. I still love seeing my children become people, growing into the adults they are meant to be, but I hate it at the same time.

Today, the girl told me she didn't want to be a grown-up. I jokingly said, "Neither do I." Meaning that *I* don't want to be a grown-up, but part of me doesn't want to see her be a grown-up either.

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