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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Tonight I went to a party. And I was surrounded by talented, wonderful, fabulous women who share the common thread of running a business. Some businesses are small, others larger. Some have walls, and others occupy a corner. Some have been around a long time while others are brand new. But those differences don't matter. We share this common thread and support each other's endeavors no matter how great or how small. It's an amazing community to be part of. 

When I joined Origami Owl and started my business my very first "why" was to meet new people and make new friends. Tonight I looked around a room and saw how that goal has been accomplished. 

I'm not always sure if Origami Owl is where my future lies, but one thing I am sure of is that I will be forever grateful for the doors it's opened and people it's brought into my life. I used to laugh a little when people called our company "life changing," but now I see it. I always thought they were talking about the money, and I'm not going to say the money isn't nice, because it is. But that room of women is the life changing part for me. All thanks to a locket. 

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