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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kid Quotes

I have three kids. Three. THREE. I know some people have four or more, and kudos to them for not losing it because I'm barely keeping it together with three!

Anyway, my very dear friend B whom I've know for 20 years happens to be the third or three children in her family. B is very bitter because there's nothing in her baby book except her name. Years ago I promised B that if I had three children, I would never let that happen. I lied.

The Baby Buddha has a baby book. I'm pretty sure I wrote his name in it. I'm really not sure where it is. I know there's nothing else in it.

But I have Facebook! So I tried to post the important milestones there since FB never deletes anything and I can go back to the timeline and try to figure out sometime before he graduates high school when he took his first steps. Thank you, Facebook!

I share kid quotes there too, but not all the time because I feel like they are probably funnier to me than anyone else, and I don't want to get labeled as the Facebooker who only posts about her kids, so my dear reader (if anyone is actually reading this) you are now going to be the recipient of some kid quotes! Enjoy!

Baby Buddha: Potty!
The Girl: He wants to go on the potty, Mommy!
Me: But he has no idea how to go on the potty yet.
The Girl: I know Mommy, but I believe that he does!

Okay, that's the only one I actually can remember right now. I know there were others. I really need to write them down. Now where the hell is that baby book?!

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