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Monday, May 16, 2016

And on the Seventh Day... Tastykakes!

The boy has been an inpatient at CHOP for the last seven days. If you want to know the details of his admission, you can visit his CaringBridge page. It’s been a sucky week. And I like to eat my feelings. Prior to his admission, I was working out three days a week, and working on getting my eating habits back on track by eating cleaner and healthier. Here’s how well that’s going…

Day One: I’m going to stick to my clean eating goals. The salads here are good. I’ll eat salad everyday!

Day Two: I really can’t eat salads twice a day everyday, so I’ll get a rice bowl. With brown rice and no sauce. Oh, and extra veggies! Look at me sticking to the plan.

Day Three: I’m really tired. That biscotti looks good at the coffee bar. I’ll just get one piece to have with my coffee. I’ll have salad and a rice bowl for lunch and dinner so it’s totally okay.

Day Four: Did I see that they have sweet potato fries now? Sweet potatoes are healthy, right? I think I’ll get a side of sweet potato fries with my salad today.

Day Five: OMG it’s been a long day. He’s finally asleep. I need chocolate. The gift shop is open until midnight. Oooo, and sweet tea. Yes, sweet tea and chocolate at 10pm is exactly what I need.

Day Six: If I eat another effing salad from this effing salad bar I’m going to lose my effing mind. Yes, put the sauce on my rice bowl. Hold on, I need to grab some fries.

Day Seven: Give me that muffin the size of my head with my coffee this morning. Lunch? I’ll have the tacos with fries and a Coke. Dinner? Potato chips and Tastykakes seem like an excellent dinner tonight. Hold on, let me grab those donuts for the morning in case I can’t get down here for coffee. I should grab a sweet tea too.

So with that I bid adieu to the weight loss progress I’ve made recently. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, I’m not getting my steps in, and I just ate Tastykakes for dinner. Why couldn’t I be one of those people who doesn’t want to eat when they are stressed? Sigh…

Now where did I put those donuts?