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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So last night I chose not to go. I was going to audition for a community theatre production. It's something I used to love doing, and I thought that maybe it was the thing that I need to fill the void I'm feeling in my life. The problem is that I'm not ready. It's not the right time. I know some might say that's just an excuse, that there is never a right time, but honestly, it's not. Adding one more thing to my plate, even if it's something I love, is not what I need.

I go back and focus on my goals I laid out - you remember, SOFB? Simplify, Organize, Focus and Believe. (And, as a footnote, Commit, which is what this current blogging phase is about.) That order isn't just for the acronym, as appropriate as it might be, but it's also logical. I need to first Simplify, then I can Organize what's left, Focus on what's next, and Believe in what's possible.

It's easy to say you don't follow though because it's hard. I know the audition would have been hard. It's been 20 freaking years since I've auditioned for anything, and that was a high school production! But honestly, there's no urgency. It's not something I had to do yesterday. There will be shows next year. I'm can join the community theatre as a member. I'm can try and help out with some productions and get to know people first. I don't have to dive in, I can dip my toe in the water first and make sure this is really the pool I want to dive into before I do!

Simplifying… one choice at a time.

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